Haunted House


Our family home was huge. It had seven bathrooms to it and a garden the size of a small field. We had maids and a gardener, guards and drivers. My father was a self made man and he worked very hard to build his little empire. He had an architect help him design and build the house we lived in.

I remember that we had to rent another house for a couple of years in order for the work on the home my parents designed to be completed. The newly built house was beautifully done with wooden beams and warm lighting and different levels and parts to it which was excellent for entertaining. My father being a businessman had to do a lot of that. We had people coming from all over the world and staying with us too.

The contractor that was working on the house was a very superstitious man and after studying the house plans, he told my father that there was a tree in the way and that he would not be responsible for cutting that tree down. He believed that there was a spirit that lived in the tree and that if we took it’s home away, it would disturb the balance of things. He suggested building around the tree instead. My father who thought it was all poppycock, took it upon himself to saw the tree down one evening. When we sat down for dinner that night, I asked him, “What happened to your hand Papa?” There was a deep red scratch that ran from the lower part of his arm all the way up to his shoulder. He looked at me and said, “I was sawing down the tree and this hand with long thick nails came down from it and scratched me” I think I stopped breathing for a few seconds and just stared back at him whilst my Mum and he laughed out loud. He then told me that he was joking and that it was just an accident whilst he was out there in the back garden with the now felled tree.

When the contractor returned the day after, he was mortified. He said that it was a big mistake and now that spirit will have to find a new home. Our home. My father brushed it off and told him to get on with things and let him deal with the rest.

We had that house for about 20 years in all. We didn’t live there throughout those years because all my siblings and I were sent overseas to boarding school and further education at different stages. Nevertheless it was still one of our homes.

Most of the disturbance or haunting took place in the early years. After that period, it died down a lot with spurts here and there. The spirits weren’t malicious or evil. Just playful. There was this one room which started off as Maria’s and Talissa’s room, then later was passed on to each sibling at different stages of our lives there. I had it for a very short time when I was 12 years old. I had a slumber party there with my girlfriends one night and whilst we talked throughout the night, the lights were being played with and later when we fell asleep our legs were pulled, awakening us abruptly. We were very brave because we were a big group I guess and unlike those stupid movies, we stayed together, huddled and protected. Also, it was my home and it was familiar to me. Whatever scares I did experience melted away within a few days of the incidents. Besides I was always more afraid of wicked people and what they could do then a few restless spirits.

I know that room had some negative energy because any one of us who would stay there for long periods of time would become introvert and reclusive as if we were being sucked in by some dark force. After all, there use to be a tree that stood at the very center of that space.

When we sold the house to a large family who paid a lot of money for it, they stayed there for 6 months and then sold it again. That kind of pattern ensued and families came and went. The house still stands as is but was never a home again. It’s now an office for a production company and they use parts of it for filming apparently.

One fine day my younger sister, Ariana was out for an event and she was sat at a table with some people in the film  industry and there was this one lady who was relating a story. She said that her staff had gone bonkers and were constantly complaining about their office premise. She added that they say things go missing or are moved and that they can hear children playing upstairs. Ariana felt a rush and goosebumps all at once. She looked at the lady and asked, “Is your address number 43, Biddulph Mansions?” The lady was startled and with a shocked look on her face she replied, “How did you know?” Ariana smiled reassuringly and gently answered, “You should listen to your staff!”


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