The Liebster Award


Leaping Liebsters…I’ve been nominated by Ivan. That’s a whole new way of getting to know someone. A nomination and then a chance to read their thoughts from their written word. I’ve always loved reading but this is like a live performance. If I had to describe Ivan’s blog, I would use the words innocence and sensitivity.

Thank you Ivan for choosing me. Please check Ivan and his navigating skills out by clicking on this link! 

The rules of the game are simple enough and they come in elevens. I’m not sure what the significance of 11 is to the award but it looks good when written down so who am I to complain? Here I go. Look Ma…no hands!

11 Facts about Me

1) I can wiggle my ears (not enough to take off but it still counts).

2) I speak three languages fluently.

3) I have fractured my skull.

4) I have lived on different continents of the world.

5) I once read Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” in its entirety, aloud to my younger sister during a half term school break. Different voices and all!

6) Big Mountain (the guys who sang “Oh Baby…I Love Your Way”) once helped me push my broken down car to the side of the road.

7) There are only two things I absolutely hate in this world. Pedophiles and cockroaches. Scum of the earth.

8) I have double jointed toes.

9) I love Ellen DeGeneres.

10) I have very long eye lashes which one of my best friends use to threaten to cut off whilst I was asleep.

11) I am blessed and ever so grateful for my friends and family.

11 Questions from Ivan

1) What did you feel when you were informed you got nominated for the award? I felt humbled and happy that I had connected with someone through my writing.

2) What is the best achievement you can have in your life? Enlightenment.

3) Do you play any musical instrument? If yes, what instrument? The piano. 

4) How do you value life? By being present and grateful. 

5) What country do you want to spend your life? In as many as it is humanly possible.

6) Do you believe in reincarnation? Ask me again in my next life. 

7) What is the best blog (not post) you saw? This is a tough one because I am still wandering and am so new to this terrain. I haven’t had enough time with WordPress. However, one of my favourite blogs or websites ever is The Pioneer Woman Cooks. 

8) Do you like history? Yes very much so. I love learning from the stories and imagining the life that once was. 

9) When was the last time you went to church? Last Easter.

10) Do you believe that aliens really exist? Yes. In fact, my father was an alien according to the stories he use to tell us growing up.

11) Why do you blog? I have a voice and so do you. I would like to be heard and also to listen. We are all connected so let’s connect. 

And the 11 Nominees are…

1) A Boy Named Sue 

2) Bob and Emily

3) This is Life

4) She Writes

5) Mostly True Stories of K. Renae P.

6) Living, Learning and Letting Go

7) Pretend to Be Nice

8) The Cosmic Carousel

9) Traces of Spaces

10) Getting those Creative Juices Flowing

11) Distinctly Denise

The 11 Questions for My Nominees

1) What is one of the best books that you have ever read?

2) If you could go back in time and have a meaningful conversation with someone, who would it be?

3) If you were a car, what kind of car would you be?

4) Do you believe in soul mates?

5) What is one of your most favourite places in the world?

6) Is music important to you and if so, why?

7) If you could only take one pair of shoes with you on a holiday, which pair would it be?

8) Your favourite ingredient in food would be…?

9) What do you think attracts you to an individual?

10) What is the first word that comes to your mind when you read, “beautiful?”

11) What makes you happy?

It is way past my bed time. My eyes are watery and my head feels heavy. Time to get some shut eye. All I know is that I got carried away with reading, searching and visiting all of you fellow bloggers out there. I feel good.

Goodnight. Peace and Good Vibes.




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