It’s Been A Long Time…

I shouldn’t have left you. That’s my attempt at quoting Aaliyah, a beautiful woman who died well before her time. I don’t know why but the tune came into my head when I thought of the time that I’ve been away and whimsical me thought, why not?

Firstly, I must tell you that I’ve missed you and not a day has gone by without thinking of this community. Every sight, sound, interaction or inspiration coming at me from the world around me brings me back to my writing and wanting to share it with you. I’ve been starving myself of your posts and thoughts too which is even worse because they were my eyes and links to other worlds and experiences at a time when I wasn’t able to get out as much due to other commitments.

I’m afraid that I have now joined the rat race and after finishing a project at the end of May, I started a new job and it’s taken me to the land of commuting, rush hour and general drone like behaviour. Whilst it gives me lots of material for writing, finding the time is another story. I’ve been adamant about doing it over my computer, the “old fashion” way and that time just hasn’t happened so today, I told myself that I’m going to give the smartphone a try. That’s why they’re smart phones right!? I use them for all kinds of other things so why not for this? That way I can squeeze in a few posts on my commute or during my wait for the next available train. There is just so much food for thought on a daily basis, I feel like I’m losing out because I am not expressing it and sending it out there. I see my blog as a chakra point and not using it to its fullest is like cutting the energy flow from that chakra point and causing some major upset in my well being. I don’t really have to ask because I know from reading about you and your experiences that its very much like that for many of you too.

Thank you for sticking around. I shan’t go away for long periods of time anymore.


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