A Piece on Metaphors: Three Siblings: NLP

There was once a magical land deep in a woodland forest and there lived three little birds who were siblings. Everyday they had to make a journey from the comfort of their home, across the raging river in order to get to school. All three siblings loved school because there were inquisitive little birds and for them, it was a wonder filled fountain of knowledge. However, other than that, they were like chalk and cheese. One disliked the water so he flew high up on the right of the river amongst the giant tree tops and let the silky leaves tickle his feathers. The other was as quick as a flash and she loved the crystal water so she flew low and let herself brush against it intermittently. The third sibling always kept to the middle. She could see her brother and sister laughing and playing like lions, making their journey their playground but she was too afraid to join either of them.


Every morning before their journey, the sibling who would always take the middle route was apprehensive in comparison to her brother and sister who would were bouncing around like ping pong balls, excitedly. As they started out into the big blue horizon with clouds made of cotton candy, everything was as it always was until suddenly they heard a loud earth shattering sound. Immediately, they came together in the middle and continued flying together, huddled. It was only when they came around to the corner that they saw the Goliath in front of them. A huge boat.

Her brother and sister screamed out at her to fly their way as they parted, her sister to the left and her brother to the right. She still in the middle. She knew she had to get out of the way of the cold steel moving towards her. She couldn’t fly high in the middle above her. There were other creatures that lurked there.

Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes for a moment and darted to the right, like a warrior. Her heart beating like a drum. In the next instant, euphoria came over her. Her brother chirping with enthusiasm. She asked herself as she danced with the tall trees and their soft silky leaves, how she took that same mundane route staying in the middle all those years? This was electric!

From that day onwards, every time the siblings made their journey, because of that one choice that their sister made, they were inspired to break free and they started flying together. Sometimes, on the right, sometimes on the left and other times in the middle.


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